Important Update on Changes to the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

Immigration New Zealand recently announced a swathe of changes to the accredited employer work visa (AEWV) that may affect your international recruitment strategies and employment of foreign workers in your organisations. As the landscape changes, it is essential to stay informed and be prepared for these modifications. The changes primarily affect Australian and New Zealand […]

Reasons to Use a Recruitment Company for Your Staffing Needs

If you’re a business owner, you know that having the right people on your team is crucial to attracting and retaining clients. However, finding qualified candidates can be a considerable challenge, especially in a highly competitive job market. Partnering with a recruitment company for your staffing needs can help you solve this problem. In this […]

Lowie Recruitment Links Businesses with Samoan Talent

In a step towards advancing workforce diversity and strengthening staffing solutions in New Zealand, Lowie Recruitment has opened an office in Apia, Samoa. Driven by a commitment to providing innovative staffing solutions to businesses across New Zealand, the venture highlights the company’s dedication to innovation and diversity in the staffing sector. With a focus on […]

5 Things Employers Look For When Interviewing Candidates

What Employers Look for when Interviewing Candidates Great resumes are easy to come by; but when you’re a top job candidate, and it comes time for the first or final interview, your success hinges on being able to stand out from other interviewing candidates. One way is through certain qualities that all employers will look […]

3 ways you should communicate your organisation’s purpose

How to Communicate Your Organisation’s Purpose to Candidates So you’re looking for a new hire? Awesome. But you need to know how to communicate your organisation’s purpose. Why do you exist? What are you trying to accomplish? And why is the person that will be filling this position so crucial to your company? In order […]

4 Ideas To Make An Awesome LinkedIn Profile

Make Your LinkedIn Profile The Best It Can Be If you think that some of the most essential tools for a job seeker are a resume and network, think again. There’s one platform in-between both that combine them; that is, the one and only LinkedIn. It’s the crème de la crème of networking in the […]

5 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Your Hiring Process Lengthy hiring processes – something that allows you more time to get to know your future employee. Whilst this is true at some level, the vacant position you have in your office, straining your other employees and negatively impacting your business, also plays a huge role. In the long run, a lengthy […]

5 tips on how to develop social media recruitment strategies

Intro: Social media recruitment strategies Although mainstream social media has only been around since the mid-2000s, its marketing aspect has quickly become a goldmine for businesses all around the world! When used correctly, companies are able to generate new leads, gain insight into their current and potential customer’s needs and desires, and increase their revenue […]

5 ways To Increase Staff Retention When Your Top Talent Is Leaving

Why Staff Retention is Important When it comes to anything in life, it’s not always easy to predict what’s going to happen next. But, there is one thing that you can always count on happening; change. Change is essential in all aspects of life, regardless of whether it seems good or bad at the time; […]