How Temporary Jobs Can Lead to Permanent Positions

How Temporary Jobs Can Lead to Permanent Positions

In today’s fast-moving job market, many people are trying out temporary jobs, often through a recruitment agency, as a smart move for their careers. Even though temporary or contract work might seem short-term, it’s often a great way to get into permanent jobs, especially for those in blue-collar industries. Here are some strong reasons why temporary jobs can turn into long-term careers.


Show Off Your Skills and Work Ethic

Temporary jobs let you show off what you can do right where the employers can see it. Unlike regular job applications, temporary gigs let you prove your worth while on the job. This not only builds up your resume but also shows you’re a valuable worker, making it easier to get a permanent job.


Build Connections in Your Industry

Working temporary jobs, especially through a trusted agency like Lowie Recruitment, helps you make important contacts in your field. These connections can offer useful advice, recommend you, and might even tip you off about permanent jobs in their companies or elsewhere.


Get a Wide Range of Experiences

Temporary work can place you in different jobs and environments quickly, increasing your skills and experiences. This variety of experience is appealing to employers, who value flexible and well-rounded workers, especially in blue-collar jobs where flexibility is crucial.


Get a Foot in the Door

Landing a temporary job through a recruitment agency can be your way into a permanent position. Many companies like to test temporary workers in their roles before offering them a permanent job. Doing well in a temporary job can lead straight to a permanent spot in the same company.


Flexibility and Exploration

Temporary jobs give you the chance to try out various roles, industries, and company cultures without long-term commitments. This time of exploration is valuable; you might even find your ideal job in a field you hadn’t thought about before, all starting from a temporary role.


Seek Feedback

Regularly ask for feedback on your performance and act on it. Showing a willingness to learn and improve shows your commitment to personal and professional growth.


Leverage Temporary Staffing Agencies

If you were placed into a temporary position through a staffing agency, stay in touch with your consultant. They can provide support, advocate for you, and notify you of permanent opportunities.


“Maintain Professionalism: Treat the temporary role with the same level of professionalism as a permanent position. This includes punctuality, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a positive attitude.

By leveraging these strategies and consistently demonstrating your value, temporary jobs can effectively lead to permanent positions within the same organisation.”

Ben Saina, Business Development Manager at Lowie



Temporary jobs aren’t just makeshift solutions but clever career moves leading to permanent opportunities. Whether you find them through a labour hire agency like Lowie Recruitment or on your own, temporary roles in blue-collar sectors come with many benefits, from gaining new skills to eventually landing a permanent job. As the working world changes, temporary roles are seen more and more as valuable steps towards long-term career success.